Come on In– and Browse…

I am so excited that is finally a reality!  What I have found out in this process- which has happened so organically, is that I LOVE THIS- It IS MY PASSION!  I love creating- my favorite part is matching the colors and fabric textures… the vinyl- I get shivers when I pick just the right one!  

​As I continue, I am trying to figure out just what is needed and mostly what YOU are all asking for!  I am pretty sure that answer is bags!  All different kinds– Not to say, there wont be any baby or home decor- I am focusing on creating and sewing- along with embroidering–bags of all types and sizes… send me a message with a request, and I will do my best to make you happy!  I have quite the studio filled to the brim with fabric of all kinds- so if you have a certain request- most likely I will have just what you are looking for.

With all that being said… As I continue to tweak follow me on Instagram and Facebook- and follow my Sober Sewing Journey!  Have fun and enjoy 🙂

Sober Sewist