About Me

Hi!  I’m Carol and I am the Sober Sewist!  I am so happy you are here…  Just a bit about me-  I grew up in the restaurant business, so it was natural for me to dive right in!  You are probably asking me- what does this have to do with sewing- AND being sober- LOL it doesnt, really- I just want you to get to know me just a bit… I, myself love to find out how a person creates- it always tells a story, and 32 years later-4 company owned diners, a tavern and a cafe– a couple of husbands, children and life- here I am! ​

I have been sewing for about 5+ years- I fell in love with it- real hard.  Taking quite a few one on one classes, (thank you Doris)  I could never figure out why all these women owned more than 1 sewing machine! When I asked them- they just laughed and said “You will find out” Well–  is that the truth!  My first machine is my Babylock Sofia 2- I will NEVER give that machine up- (I did once- for a week- another story!) – its perfect to take on retreats, and when my embroidery machine is pumping out stitches!   At some point I took a beginner machine embroidery class with my babylock–  YIKES! I got the bug real bad!  Then i needed a bigger hoop- which meant a bigger machine, and so on and so on… I went from going through a few different types of Pfaff machines… but my heart is really with my original Babylock– so these days you will mostly see me on my new Babylock Solaris embroidering and my Babylock Sofia– either ITH (in the hoop) projects, piecing a quilt or my new obsession- making bags!  And- if you do follow me- you will hear about my day to day and how to cope with being sober and that new journey I am on. ​

The fabric–picking and matching colors and thread- there is nothing better to me- I LOVE it!  ​

SO- come with me- and follow my story and travels on Instagram- did I mention I am also a big Foodie?  Oh boy– here I go….