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Progress Not Perfection

Wow! 2 weeks LIVE! Its been very exciting to say the least… I think I am finally getting my groove- as they say. I have been trying to finish things that I had committed to and work on Lots has been happening. I re-joined WW (the new name for Weight Watchers) You see, this (my weight) is always on my mind- always having to lose weight, and then the real hard part- keeping it off. I had been doing on and off the Keto for a while- and quite frankly, it wasn’t working- for me. I don’t think I was balancing the macros correctly – eating too much fat! Yup` that will do it-lol I really wasn’t making any progress- so I decided to give WW a try- AGAIN! Well- first week, I lost 3.4! I was so excited!, and the second week another 2.2! Holy crap- total of 5.6!– and a record for me!- honestly, I had NEVER EVER gone to WW consecutively for 3 weeks- ever! I always joined- went once and then quit! But this time, I am making progress- and it feels good. I feel good! Do you?

Watch for my version of this bag on!

Isn’t that really what day to day is all about…. Progress Not Perfection. As long as we are progressing in the right direction-and sometimes it may not be the right direction- and that’s OK as long as we recognize it, and work on it… slowly but surely… My dad always (and still does) use this phrase with us… “Inch by inch is a cinch” OH, and there is 1 more… “yard by yard is hard” We used to laugh when he said this- but it is so true! I saw a poster on the wall at WW and it really got me thinking. Not only for a subject for my next blog- but really how important this phrase is… (not to mention the zippered bag it is on!-lol) It can pertain to lots of things in everyday life… Like, for me, If I am working on a quilt (which, by the way is really not my favorite thing to do- but they make great gifts), and I do some work every day- that’s progress… When I go to my meetings, and I make an effort to scout out a new person and welcome them- that’s not only progress, but also helping me stay sober. I never understood that in the beginning of my sober life… But I do now… “One day at a time” Progress not Perfection” “Inch by Inch is a Cinch” “Yard by Yard is Hard”

When I read these- I think-Powerful!

Lets go back to the zippered bag from the WW wall… I just love those colors together. My absolute favorite thing to do when I start anything- is picking the right fabric and matching them up- This is the part when I feel I am really creating- I love funky bold colors and patterns- my absolute favorite designer is Tula Pink! (look below) Talk about bold!- so colorful- so many different patterns and elements that you would never think would go together- Like matching plaid with stripes or lines with dots!

Ok… so back to Progress not Perfection… How are you progressing in your day to day? Do you strive for perfection? Or are you happy with making progress… I think for me, as I get older, I am happy with the small progressions… for me, its ok, if its not perfect! Wow- I think Im growing up! LOL

Carol xo